Temporary Financial Assistance

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  • American Red Cross: Service to the Armed Forces
    Phone: (877) 272-7337
    Address: 4800 Mount Hope Drive Baltimore, MD 21215 view map

    Provides a wide variety of services for service members, veterans and their families. Services include information and referral, temporary financial assistance, individual and family counseling. The American Red Cross links members of the U.S. Armed Forces with their families during a crisis. Twenty...
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services
    Phone: (443) 423-6300
    Address: 1510 Guilford Avenue Baltimore, MD 21203 view map

    The Department of Social Services was created by the City Charter, pursuant to provisions of State law to coordinate and provide relief and care for disadvantaged citizens. In addition to providing services to financially troubled families and individuals, the department also investigates and provid...
  • Baltimore City Department of Social Services: Eviction Prevention Program
    Phone: (410) 878-8650
    Address: 501 East Fayette Street Room 207 baltimore, MD 21203 view map

    Services include: referrals to emergency & transitional housing, Counseling, Case management, Assistance with applying for benefits, Motel placements....
  • Baltimore Housing: Community Action Partnership: Human Services Division
    Phone: (410) 396-3228
    Address: 417 E Fayette Street Baltimore, MD 21202 view map

    The division serves as the local advocate and agent in working to eliminate poverty in Baltimore City. Programs include: Emergency Services; Employment; Energy/utility bills; Health Care; Housing; Income Management; Social Services; Special programs for youth and senior citizens; and Tax Preparation...
  • Bethel Outreach Center
    Phone: (410) 728-2557
    Address: 4129 McCulloh Street Baltimore, MD 21217 view map

    Food pantry, soup kitchen, and long-term shelter for women and children. Also provides hygiene products, financial assistance, referrals, career counseling, certified substance abuse placement, and youth programs. Shelter is run and maintained by its residents. Shelter also helps tenants access exis...
  • City Temple Baptist Church
    Phone: (410) 462-4800
    Address: 317 Dolphin Street Baltimore, MD 21217 view map

    Provides outreach which helps meet the basic needs of people in the community. Services provided include: Food pantry; Clothes pantry; Soup Kitchen; Financial assistance for evictions, Gas & Electric, prescriptions and funerals; Substance abuse assistance & referral; Thanksgiving and Christmas Meals...
  • Franciscan Center
    Phone: (410) 467-5340
    Address: 101 W 23rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218 view map

    Provides emergency assistance and supportive outreach to persons who are economically disenfranchised. Programs include emergency financial services, dining program, food pantry, health care through partners, clothing/toiletries, Attire 4 Hire (men's formal clothing), barber service, technology reso...
  • Govans Ecumenical Development Corporation (GEDCO)
    Phone: (410) 433-2442
    Address: 1010 East 33rd Street Baltimore, MD 21218 view map

    GEDCO provides housing for over 450 people with special needs and food, advocacy and financial assistance for over 7,000 people in Baltimore City....
  • Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC): Housing Application Office
    Phone: 410-396-3237
    Address: 417 E Fayette St, Suite 1339 Baltimore, MD 21202 view map

    Provides assistance for people applying for housing....
  • Housing Authority of Baltimore City (HABC): Public Housing
    Phone: 410-396-3237
    Address: 417 E Fayette St, Suite 1339 Baltimore, MD 21202 view map

    Public housing was established to provide decent and safe rental housing for eligible low-income families, the elderly, and persons with disabilities. Public housing comes in all sizes and types, from scattered single family houses to high-rise apartments for elderly families. There are approximatel...
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America
    Phone: (800) 424-8200
    Address: 801 Eighteenth St NW Washington, DC 20006 view map

    The Paralyzed Veterans of America provides expertise on a wide variety of issues involving the special needs of veterans of the armed forces who have experienced spinal cord injury or dysfunction and their families....
  • Paul's Place
    Phone: (410) 625-0775
    Address: 1118 Ward Street Baltimore, MD 21230 view map

    Paul's Place provides meal services, a food bank, clothing, emergency assistance, nurse's clinic, laundry facilities, shower facilities, and childcare programs...
  • Salvation Army Baltimore: Area Command
    Phone: (410) 783-2920
    Address: 814 Light Street Baltimore, MD 21230 view map

    Services provided: Youth services, camping programs, Day care centers, Teen residential services, Adult services, Holiday assistance, Emergency/ disaster services, Hospital and rest home services, Senior citizen services, Social services, Adult rehabilitation centers, Temporary housing, and Voluntee...
  • St. Ambrose: Housing Aid Center
    Phone: (410) 366-8550
    Address: 317 E 25th Street Baltimore, MD 21218 view map

    Provides permanent housing for Shelter Plus Care Program clients with disabilities. All referrals are received from Baltimore City Coordinated Access. Agency also takes Section 8 vouchers....
  • St. Vincent de Paul of Baltimore Career Center
    Phone: (410) 225-0870
    Address: 3445 Park Heights Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215 view map

    Career Connections (formerly St. Ambrose) is a drop-in employment resource program that helps individuals who are currently unemployed or underemployed. Career Connections provides individuals with direction and support in identifying a career focus based on their skills, interests, and aptitude, an...
  • University of Maryland: Community Support Case Management Program
    Phone: (410) 328-1406
    Address: 701 W Pratt Street Baltimore, MD 21201 view map

    The Community Support Program (CSP) provides intensive case management to mentally ill adults living in Baltimore City....
  • Women's Housing Coalition
    Phone: (410) 235-5782
    Address: 119 E 25th Street Baltimore, MD 21218 view map

    Provides services for homeless women including permanent housing, educational programming and job readiness, HIV/AIDS, domestic violence counseling, support for veterans, and intake assessment referral....

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